Farmer Appreciation

By National Farmers Union

As you hit snooze on your alarm before work or school this morning, farmers across America had already put in a few hours of work to bring you the bacon that’s sizzling in your pan for breakfast, the apple you tucked into your lunch bag and the lettuce for your salad with dinner.

On this farmer appreciation day, it is important to take note of the hard work that farmers put in each and every day of the year to bring you the most abundant, safe and affordable food in the world. In fact, most farmers won’t even have the time to celebrate today—they are too busy harvesting their crops, baling hay, planting winter crops and other fall chores.

There are more than 313 million people living in the United States. Of that, less than one percent claim farming as an occupation, and about two percent actually live on farms. It is astonishing to think how many people our nation’s 2.2 million farms feed.

Most people don’t get the chance to meet the farmers and ranchers who provide the meals we enjoy every day, but through farm to school programs, students, teachers and even parents can learn more about fresh and healthy food options that are produced right in their backyards!

One way to show your appreciation and learn more about how food is grown is to buy produce, meat and dairy products from your local farmers’ market. While you are there, take the time to talk to the farmers selling you your food. They will love the opportunity to tell you more about their farm and the food you just purchased. And buying food directly from farmers ensures that they, and in turn your local community, receive more of your food dollar than when you buy from a national grocery store chain.

So today, and every day, remember to thank the farmers of this country for their hard work, and farmers will continue to show their appreciation by ensuring you have tasty and healthy food to eat.


Today’s Theme of the Day is “Farmer Appreciation.” Today’s theme partner is National Farmers Union.


Here are some social media posts you can use to spread the word about today’s theme and Farm to School Month: 

As we celebrate Farm to School Month, we show appreciation for our farmers and the food they provide! #F2SMonth

More than 313 million in the US depend on just 2.2 million farms for healthy food daily. Appreciate our farmers! #F2SMonth


As I am enjoying my lunch today, I am also taking time to appreciate the family farmers who helped provide me with this healthy meal! Happy Farmer Appreciation Day and happy Farm to School Month!


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